Do you need more languages for your site? We only support english and spanish as "official" translations, but if you need another language, translating the extension is very simple! 


In this video tutorial you'll learn how to install and configure cloudhotelier extension on Joomla! 1.7 

  1. Install Joomla! 1.7. Please, rememeber that CURL must be installed on your server.
  2. Install cloudhotelier package using joomla extension manager
  3. Configure cloudhotelier component with YOUR website id and API key. 
  4. Create a menu item to "Single Hotel Booking". Insert your hotel ID.
  5. Publish cloudhotelier module and assign it to the menu Item you have just created. Remember: all cloudhotelier menu items MUST have cloduhotelier module published.
  6. You're done, now you can recieve reservetions through your website.
  7. Do not forget to publish User Tracker plugin, in order to track user stats with your booking

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CloudHotelier is the first hybrid platform, combining the best of two worlds: self hosted systems and SAAS services.

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We provide the most advanced and easy-to-use tools to build hotel websites. We also check and certify our partners skills.

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