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JKit Content Manager for Joomla

JKit is a multi-language Content Construction Kit for Joomla. Better site organization, easy translations, content editing and image uploading. Functional content self-managing.

CloudHotelier JKit CCK

Plan: FREE
Version: 4.3.4
Updated: 2017-08-08

CloudHotelier JKit CCK

JKit Site Content Manager

JKit is a powerful extension we have developed to manage multi-language websites, but it can do a lot more!

JKit allows you to create better-organized projects. As JKit items can have a direct translation, there's no need to create one article or module per language. Reducing the number of articles and modules, the site management gets simplified.

Another point for developing JKit was the need to deliver to our clients a more user-friendly tool than the default Joomla administrator. Compared to Joomla's articles and modules, JKit items have very few options to configure. Furthermore, item options can be configured using "types" fields.

JKit also solves image uploading and resizing issues. Just attach the image to the item and JKit will automatically upload and resize to different sizes. You can also attach image galleries to items.

JKit layouts are very easy to customize. You can use template layouts that are selectable for JKit views, this way web developers can easily create custom layouts for different types or sections of the site. Our bet is to provide layout overrides in front of complex item configuration options, this gives full control to template developers and website builders while keeping the admin interface simple and clean.

Would you like to give non-expert users, like the website owner or community manager, the ability to update the website's contents, but with the confidence of not allowing them to access critical and hard-to-use parts of the Joomla administrator?

JKit is our response to common problems we encountered building websites for our clients. JKit presents an user-friendly content administration, better website organization, easy translations, and integrated image management. Better for you, better for your users.


  • User-friendly site contents management
  • Direct translations
  • Google Translate integration
  • Automatic image uploading and resizing
  • Categories and "types" organization for items
  • Easily customizable layouts
  • Developed under Joomla standards and best practices
  • Developed under Joomla MVC architecture
  • Template "layout overrides" compatible
  • Extended functionality via plugins