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Increase your direct bookings… with a widget? Check-in online… with an app? WTF?

With a simple widget that isn’t connected to an API and that doesn’t even track the conversions of the booking engine, will you really increase your conversion rate a 40%?

Increase your direct bookings… with a widget? Check-in online… with an app? WTF?

Why do we think that a widget can be useful, while we have a website with design flaws and usability problems that doesn’t transmit anything? Or a simple booking engine that hasn’t been upgraded in ages and doesn’t use CRO techniques or which persuading messages are nonexistent or wrong (for example, the sense of urgency is in green and the positive reinforcement in red - the contrary of what it should be-).

Why do we need an app that connects to our PMS to do the check-ins online? Why do we need a new provider for the sending or automation of emails? A provider for each task that we need to do, isn’t this something any modern PMS should do? There are even providers for other providers now, that promise to connect any widget to any PMS…

Have we gone mad? I see how on our sector this type of services multiply and grow like foam. They are very attractive to the investors, represent a small investment for the hotels; they are easy to connect, it’s not an excessive waste nor a risky venture for a hotel. That’s why they receive great capital injections for marketing and sales. Nonetheless, due to their high churn rate, they will soon disappear like foam. They are easily dispensable.

I see hotels with 500 rooms that have PMS that are worth thousands of euros but only use a 10% of it all; they don’t need the rest because it doesn’t do what they require. With high budgets for integrations or tailored developments that take months to prepare, and when they are finished, they look like a doctoral thesis with a stratospheric cost, in money and resources. And the widgets keep increasing, like the foam.

Well then, I believe it’s only a matter of time, -not much time- for the sector to wake up and start working on the real necessities that the hotel staff has to go through every day. From the moment there’s a good product on the market, the change will be fast, - very fast, I hope -.

WPH CloudHotelier develops effective solutions for direct sales and hotel management to cover the real necessities of the present world. Systems like API-first, hyperconnected, and cloud-native. And these solutions are an excellent investment for our clients.

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