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The five advantages of a cloud-native PMS

Desktop systems, on the cloud or hybrids, why is cloud-native the future?

The five advantages of a cloud-native PMS

In the same way that Gmail has provided email management to all of the users around the globe or Google Drive allows an easy and effective collaboration among other members; the cloud-native PMS systems are the new generation of hotel management programs.

The desktop PMS are becoming obsolete due to their complicated interfaces and because they must be downloaded and installed on a computer. There are also mixed systems, which have their database on the cloud, but even though they have some advantages, they share the same problems with the traditional programs.

Discover the advantages of using a cloud-native PMS.

1. Cloud-native

It's located 100% on the cloud, meaning the hotels can access it from any device with Internet connection because it doesn't need any hardware.

2. Easy and quick set-up

It's fast and simple to configure, it only takes a few minutes because there's no need for installation. The user interface is designed to be simple and used on any device.

3. Automatic updates

The system updates itself automatically and simultaneously to every user.

4. All-in-one (channel manager)

Synchronize and distribute inventory across all your channels via automation or manually.

5. Open API

With two-way integration to the distribution channels. It's simple and economical. Besides sharing these same advantages, CloudHotelier PMS has a simple and intuitive interface that facilitates its use, it's quick to learn, even for new users.

And you, are you already on the cloud? Improve your hotel management, request a demo now!



remo   July 19, 2018

Hi there,
I will like to buy a pro plan but I will like to try the Pms before. How can I have a demo please?