Follow our directions to build your hotel website without any trouble

CloudHotelier Tutorials

1. Getting Started

Theme package installation

Install a Theme Package on your hosting provider to start building your website.

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Theme package first steps

Get started with your new project following this important steps.

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Setting up the main language

Set up the site's main language so you can start building your site from the beginning

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Booking system first steps

Configure the website's booking engine to use your own data instead of demo hotel.

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2. Building Your Website

Change the logo

Let's begin customizing the website by changing de demo hotel logo.

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Home page image slider

Updating the home image slider is easy with JKit image galleries.

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Other home page elements

Now you are familiar with JKit and how the website is built. You should be able to fully customize the whole home page.

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Basic theme customizations

Learn how to add custom css to the theme and other basic customizations.

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Navigation, modules and pages

Customize your site's navigation and learn how to build your site's inner pages with Joomla and JKit.

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Languages and translations

Multi-language websites are hard, follow this guide to learn how

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Booking engine settings

Make your website with a powerful booking engine

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3. Managing Your Hotel

Setting up your hotel

Configure the basic settings of your hotel, like master rate and boards

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Setting up the room types

Let’s start setting up the different types of rooms for your hotel.

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Availability and rates calendar

It’s time to set up the availability and rates calendar for your rooms.

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Special conditions rates

Learn how to create new rates for your hotel

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Creating discounts

Learn how to create discounts using your admin panel.

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Creating Extras

Add extras to your hotel rooms using your admin panel.

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4. Developers

5. Misc