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PHP 7 compatibility

long time since our last conversation. I would ask you to confirm that CH system and BE and template will work well also with PHP 7

I have this alert on my Joomla admin


Your PHP version, 5.6.30, is only receiving security fixes at this time from the PHP project. This means your PHP version will soon no longer be supported. We recommend planning to upgrade to a newer PHP version before it reaches end of support on 2018-12-31. Joomla will be faster and more secure if you upgrade to a newer PHP version (PHP 7.x is recommended). Please contact your host for upgrade instructions.

Please confirm that everything will work also with PHP 7



Xavier Pallicer   May 25, 2017

Hello There,

CloudHotelier is always compatible with the latest versions of Joomla and PHP.

You are covered in our end.

Kindest Regards!