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Return to room availability after cancellation

I've got some issue.

I've got some issue from panel booking system. I've try to booking from localhost then I have to cancel and aborted that booking from backend panel, but the system not return the cancel room to availability room after change booking status as cancellation or aborted.

Please let me know how to solve this issue.



Xavier Pallicer   August 21, 2017

Hello there,

That is the expected behavior.

One of the problems we could not allow users to cancel their reservations in the previous version was because the availability was automatically updated. That was a problem for most properties.

In the current version, the system does not perform availability increments anymore, they have to be done manually by the hotel managers.

Hope this makes sense to you

Dhechasetri August 21, 2017   This is not make sense. because when the guest who make cancellation before completed payment then your system still deduct no. of room from availability and set that booking to status as "Process". Example, In case my website got some testing booking from spam then avoid all test booking from payment via clicking cancellation process from PayPal. I will lose opportunity booking from another one. Because your system not return no. of room to availability. And on Booking Report section you doesn't have show all status, It's mean when user come to check the report they will not see other booking status except the booking was confirmed. So, when they forget to checking other status they will don't know they have another booking but on process or cancel status.  
Noe Daniel November 5, 2018   When I change the status from "confirmed" to "canceled" the availability of the room is not automatically enabled. It should be automatic when I, the hotel manager, change the status.
It is fine that the client is not allowed to make the cancellation, but the hotel manager must do so Xavier Pallicer I hope this makes sense to you  

Xavier Pallicer   August 22, 2017

Hello Dhechasetri,

I think I didn't understand your question at first. There's a difference between cancelled reservations and aborted reservations.

Cancelled reservations:

As I explained before, availability is not increased after a user cancels a previously confirmed reservation.

Aborted reservations:

This can happen when you ask the customer to submit a payment or credit card guarantee using CHCard plugin.

After the website asks for user details, it's redirected to the payment page. The booking status is set as "processing", the booking is hold up to 20 minutes in processing status while waiting for the user to submit a payment.

Then there are 2 different scenarios:

  1. The user begins a new reservation, any booking in processing status is set to aborted and the availability is released.

  2. The user abandons the reservation: after 20 minutes the booking is set to aborted status and the availability is released.

I hope this makes sense to you.

Kindest Regards


Xavier Pallicer   August 22, 2017

I fogot to say that we have plans do display processing status reservations in the Daily control panel, it's on our TODO list for the next release