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Classic Theme Released. Welcome to the new generation!

Welcome to CloudHotelier Classic, welcome to the next generation. Welcome to the most powerful hotel website development tool we have delivered yet.

Welcome to CloudHotelier Classic, welcome to the next generation. Welcome to the most powerful hotel website development tool we have delivered yet.

With CloudHotelier Classic template we have completely revamped everything from the ground up. Classic is the first template specially designed for CloudHotelier 2.7, the first built using JStrap layouts, and first time we are using JKit to build the whole site. Exciting times are coming for our costumers, as we provide the definitive hotel-website platform.

Clean functional Design

With CloudHotelier Classic we want to create a template that could adapt to almost any kind of hotel website. From a coutryside guest house, to beach resorts or city hotels, Classic can fit perfectly to any needs. We are providing 10 color variations, but you can also customize your own style, as we are providing easy customization LESS and CSS resources.

Classic also integrates with colorBox, to easily create pop-up windows of image galleries or Youtube videos. We also provide different useful modules, like latest tweets, or instagram feed, to make your website social and cool. Full-width image presentation on the home, is a must.

CloudHotelier 2.7

Classic is specially designed for CloudHotelier 2.7. The new features of CloudHotelier 2.7 look better with Bootstrap layout. Big images, rich popups with rooms information, image galleries and videos. Add extras to your room, or select special promotions or Special packs, ideal for upselling. It’s all designed to work better with Bootstrap layouts, and it’s incredibly functional on touch screens and mobile browsers.

With Classic and CloudHotelier 2.7 we are reaching new heights with our Reservations system, in fact, we can assure we have one of the most powerful tools out there, and we can compete at the same level of super expensive professional tools, for a fraction of the price.

JStrap Template

With Joomla! officialy adopting Bootstrap Framework we needed to prepare CloudHotelier for the future. Well, the future is here, and JStrap is the result of a full override of Joomla! 2.5 layout, including headers and scripts. Now we have a beautiful mobile-ready layout, and we are taking advantage of Bootstrap conventions to build solid user-friendly layouts.

JStrap means high quality development, clean layouts and consistent markup. Bye bye javascript conflicts, slow websites, and ugly layouts. Hello JStrap!

JKit multi-language CCK

JKit is the first multi-language CCK (Content Construction Kit) for Joomla! We all know that Joomla! has multi-language in core since version 1.6, this was a great feature that we love in CloudHotelier since it was released. But, with our experience building multi-language websites we have found some limitations in the Joomla! core and K2 extensions that was the standard blog tool that we where using till now.

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Our costumers can now download Classic Template and Classic Theme Pack from the downloads area in CloudHotelier Cloud Admin Panel