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Get more direct bookings with this five pricing strategies

 May 28, 2018  Ada   Our Blog

When assigning the price for a hotel room, apartment or villa, some factors such as the quality, the season and the profits must be kept in mind. But these factors don't take into consideration the experience nor the psychology of the user, which are essential to get direct bookings.

These are the pricing strategies that will help you convince the user to reserve on your website.

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Enhance the conversions of your hotel with our accelerators

 June 27, 2017  Ada   Our Blog

The new version 1.11 of CloudHotelier HRS Engine comes with new features, the most important are the Accelerators. Never heard of them? These are the messages that appear on some reservation portals such as that urge the user to make a reservation at that same moment.

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CloudHotelier new generation has been released!

 January 19, 2016  Xavier Pallicer   Our Blog

It has been a long hard journey


We are pleased to announce the release of the first beta of our new products. This will be the “third generation” series and introduce a brand new version of every extension in our hotel website suite:

  • New hotel admin panel: Admin Panel Pro
  • New booking engine client: CloudHotelier Client
  • New generation of themes: UIkit framework based
  • New version of JKit multi-language content management with UIkit layouts

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CloudHotelier 2016 coming soon

 September 8, 2015  Xavier Pallicer   Our Blog

We are developing the WHOLE system from scratch, applying all the knowledge and experience accumulated during the last 5 years.

We plan to launch the first beta version by the end of this month. A production ready release is espectied in Oct/Nov 2015. The new release will include a new version of Cloud Admin Panel (that we will call Cloud Admin Pro), and a new version of the website building suite:

  • New FREE hotel theme that we call FLAT
  • New version of JKit with uikit layouts
  • New version of the CloudHotelier Booking Engine Client

The new CloudHotelier Admin Pro panel will be open source, so it can be used as a normal Joomla extension (although you will continue to have the new product as managed Cloud service also).

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Google Analytics E-commerce conversion for your hotel website

 July 8, 2015  Xavier Pallicer   Our Blog

In this post we will explain you how to easily get de e-commerce conversion report from Google Analytics.

With the release of CloudHotelier 3.1.7 we have introduced the ability to track Google Analytics e-commerce conversions, every time a reservation is processed on your hotel website.

With this new feature you will be able to obtain the conversion reports using Google Analytics, amongst other useful information.

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Cloud Admin Pro multiple rates per room

 May 4, 2015  Xavier Pallicer   Our Blog

The new Cloud Admin Pro panel will provide multiple rates per room, so it will be more flexile for different conditions like non-refundable rates.

The new version, that we plan to release in mid 2015 will provide the hoteliers the ability to set multiple rates for one single room. This will give the hoteliers more control over rates and simplify the availability update process.

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We are ready for Joomla 3.4

 February 26, 2015  Xavier Pallicer   Our Blog

CloudHotelier extensions and templates are fully compatible with Joomla 3.4, so you can update your CMS with just one click.

Joomla 3.4 is stable so you should update your Joomla. If you use one of our Joomla 3 packs, such as Base, Classic, Minimal, Boutique or Glassy, ​​we recommend tu upgrade your Joomla to be ready for the upcoming releases.

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Upcoming releases in 2015

 February 13, 2015  Xavier Pallicer   Our Blog

This year 2015 will be full of new developments in CloudHotelier

We are currently preparing a new version of the Cloud Admin Panel administration system, a new version of the Joomla client CloudHotelier Booking Engine and a new generation of templates based on the UIkit framework.

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CloudHotelier 2.7 released. A big boost for your hotel website.

 August 30, 2013  Xavier Pallicer   Our Blog

The Joomla! project announced in April the release of version 3.1, as the "the second minor release" of the Joomla! 3.x series. Many of you are asking us if CloudHotelier is compatible with Joomla! 3.x series, and the answer is no, by the moment.

Version 2.7.0 is now available for download. This is our last major release for Joomla! 2.5 series, we have been working hard to integrate all new advanced CloudHotelier Admin Panel features, like extras, packs and promotions, and enhanced room information, like long text and image gallery. This new version includes new views: Offers and Packs, My Booking, and a new module, Offers.

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CloudHotelier 2.7 coming soon!

 April 10, 2013  Xavier Pallicer   Our Blog

In few days, we will perform some changes in CloudHotelier Admin Panel. This changes respond to the preparations for the release of the new version 2.7, that will be released in the following week.

In few days, we will perform some changes in CloudHotelier Admin Panel. This changes respond to the preparations for the release of the new version 2.7, that will be released in the following week.

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CloudHotelier 2.5.0 Released

 February 22, 2012  Xavier Pallicer   Our Blog

Version 2.5.0 of CloudHotelier is now available for download. This new version incorporates a new single hotel view: availability calendar. With this new view your users can easily check the availability and prices of different rooms. Also, when a user does not find availability, there's automatically displayed the improved availability calendar, so he or she can navigate through months of the year to find available dates.

You can upgrade installing the package or via Joomla! control panel auto-updates.

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