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Find out how we create the hotel websites for our clients

 February 24, 2017  Ada   Our Blog

¿Are you interested in one of our themes for your hotel but you have no idea of how to start a website? Don’t worry, we’re glad to help you. And this is how we do it.

When we create a website for a client, we always follow the same steps because it’s the best way to work.

  1. Create the home in the main language and define the ultimate sections
  2. Create the whole website in the main language
  3. Translate the website to the other languages
  4. Prepare y start the booking engine
  5. Publish the website online

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Glassy Theme Released

 November 1, 2014  Xavier Pallicer   Our Blog

CloudHotelier Glassy, the best choice for beach resorts

Are you looking for a theme specially designed for beach resorts? Introducing Glassy Paradise

Glassy is a gnarly hotel theme designed for photo-based projects. It is ideal for modern design hotels or beach resorts with light environment like gardens and pools.

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Boutique Theme Released

 September 17, 2014  Xavier Pallicer   Our Blog

CloudHotelier Boutique, for hotels with a story to tell

Why distract your potential customers with multiple fireworks, when you can just show them your product, your hotel?

Boutique is an unique theme specially designed to build simple but stylish websites for very special hotels. It's clean design will help to emphasize your project images and copy work

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Massive Template Update

 July 13, 2012  Xavier Pallicer   Our Blog

We are proud to announce that all of our templates and theme-packs have been updated / upgraded to version 2.0

We are proud to announce that all of our templates and theme-packs have been updated / upgraded to version 2.0.

The main objective is to adapt to some layout changes of CloudHotelier 2.6.0.

We have also refactored some code in the templates, so you will need some settings changes when switching to new versions. 

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Natura Theme available!

 January 30, 2012  Xavier Pallicer   Our Blog

Introducing our new design 'Natura'. This new Theme has been developed intensively with CSS3 techniques: shadows, transparency, rounded corners, gradients and transitions form a spectacular set that flows naturally in your browser.

At home page we have built a spectacular presentation with colorful effects. Superimposed on the big images, we have put the booking engine in horizontal position, so the website visitors will inevitably feel attracted to begin the booking process. Once started the booking, and with CloudHotelier 2.4 installed on the site, they no longuer be able to stop the reservation until they have confirmed their booking!

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