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Pixel Marketing: Get new customers for your hotel

 July 26, 2017  Ada   Our Blog

Usually the name “pixel marketing” doesn’t ring a bell, but the concept is as old as time, at least, as old as online marketing. It's one of the best options to get new customers through small ads.

We work with Pixel Marketing to turn the users who haven't heard about one hotel into their clients.

Here is how we do it.

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How to add a micro niche to your hotel website

 June 20, 2017  Ada   Our Blog

In this post, we show you how to position your website inside a micro niche without damaging the hotel’s global image.

Micro niches are specific themes that are interesting for an objective public. Many hotels benefit from a micro niche that provides them with the same type of clients every year. Some examples of micro niches are the clients that go after the perfect wave, bird-watchers or mountain bikers.

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Google Analytics E-commerce conversion for your hotel website

 July 8, 2015  Xavier Pallicer   Our Blog

In this post we will explain you how to easily get de e-commerce conversion report from Google Analytics.

With the release of CloudHotelier 3.1.7 we have introduced the ability to track Google Analytics e-commerce conversions, every time a reservation is processed on your hotel website.

With this new feature you will be able to obtain the conversion reports using Google Analytics, amongst other useful information.

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SEO for hotel websites?

 January 14, 2015  Xavier Pallicer   Our Blog

The ubiquity of the large operators such as causes very pronounced specificities in the hotel industry. This can be a problem, but also an opportunity.

Every hotel website has a natural traffic produced by direct searches based on the hotel name. If you take a look at Google Analytics you will see that the number #1 keyword for your website is the name of the hotel. More important, the name of the hotel produces the 99% of the reservations at your website.

This is consecuence of users seeing your hotel in a reservations portal, such as, and then looking for your hotel website trying to get more information.

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