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Our Blog Archive: May 2018

Get more direct bookings with this five pricing strategies

 May 28, 2018  Ada   Our Blog

When assigning the price for a hotel room, apartment or villa, some factors such as the quality, the season and the profits must be kept in mind. But these factors don't take into consideration the experience nor the psychology of the user, which are essential to get direct bookings.

These are the pricing strategies that will help you convince the user to reserve on your website.

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The five advantages of a cloud-native PMS

 May 10, 2018  Ada   Our Blog

Desktop systems, on the cloud or hybrids, why is cloud-native the future?

In the same way that Gmail has provided email management to all of the users around the globe or Google Drive allows an easy and effective collaboration among other members; the cloud-native PMS systems are the new generation of hotel management programs.

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Check-in in seconds with the new CloudHotelier PMS OCR scanner via webcam

 May 8, 2018  Ada   Our Blog

CloudHotelier PMS is the first PMS that allows the OCR scan and reading of documents with a simple webcam. It scans ID cards, passports and other identity documents in less than one second and directly from the browser.

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