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CloudHotelier 2.7.5 released

This is a maintenance release with a few bug fixes and minor changes

CloudHotelier 2.7.5 has been released. This is a maintenance release with a few bug fixes and minor changes

  • Booking Email: re-added guest address. Some users require the guest email address in the confirmation email.
  • Mercadopago: solved issues with SSL version that appear to happen in some servers
  • Installer: updated compatibility version
  • Book form: incorrect payment amount when booking a pack, not a room.

No template updates are required with this version.


The Changelog is provided in reverse chronological order. Legend: # Bug fix + Addition - Feature removal ~ Change ! Critical bug fix ^ Minor edit

Version 2.7.5

~ Booking Email: re-added guest address (optional)
# Mercadopago: solved issues with SSL version
~ Installer: updated compatibility version  
# Book form: incorrect payment amount when booking a pack

Version 2.7.4

+ Data servers: Added "White Label" server
+ Availability calendar: New option to display or hide rates in the calendar
~ Card form: re-added CVC number (required in some countries)
# Promos and packs: creadit card guarantee form was not displaying
# Analytics: force amount to be number, changed event names
^ Ovoid date problems on language debug
^ Other small bugs fixed
+ Added German language (Thanks Rafael)
+ Added Italian language

Version 2.7.3

+ Availability calendar: now you can set the calendar to display basic or extended availability
+ Booking view and voucher: now includes Pack inforamtion long text

Version 2.7.2

^ Bux fix release

Version 2.7.1

^ Bux fix release

Version 2.7.0

+ My Booking view
+ Arrival time
+ Worldnet payment platform
+ Packs view
+ Added extras and packs functionallity
~ mod_hotel code refactored
~ Reorganization of admin tabs: Data connection
~ test connection now also resets data cache
~ new voucher default template

Version 2.6.7

# Mail copy and blind copy fixed
# Extended search form javascript errors

Version 2.6.6

+ International currency formatting improvements
+ Added analytics events on ajax booking process
+ Added language de-DE, thanks Stuart
+ Added language it-IT, thanks Andrea
+ Added language pt-BR, gracias Diego
# Solved international (m/d/Y) date manipulating errors
^ Misspelling language strings
^ Populated empty values in extended search module

Version 2.6.5

~ Strings: kids are now childs
# Strings: admin
# Timezones: fixed JHtml:date offset problem 

Version 2.6.4

+ Fully Responsive Layout
+ Hotel Descriptions Read More
+ Promotion Codes
# Boards list to hotel (when ajax enabled)
# Hotel view map errors
# Local view map errors
# Added encodeURIComponent to admin connection test
# Test configuration overrides

Version 2.6.3

+ 3gdirectpay payment plugin
+ MercadoLibre payment plugin
# some strict PHP 5.4 warnings fixed
# parseInt radix on extended search form
# language cache bug
# required fields in cc as guarantee
# layout bug in conditions

Version 2.6.2

# Fixed merge global params and menu params in views

Version 2.6.1

# Added new version number for automatic updates on 2.6.0 beta sites

Version 2.6.0

+ Sermepa 4b (spain) payment platform
+ MultiSafepay payment platform
~ Paypal payment refactored
+ Test API connection on joomla admin
+ Local Static data reset on joomla admin
+ Better Hotel Id selection in hotel views
+ New Locals View
+ mod_hotel_map, mod_hotel_photos added to the pack
+ Customizable multi-hotel filters 
+ New calendar themes
~ Modified text strings
~ Some layout changes in search module
# Revamped category names and CSS
# Rebuild cached data
# improved control over multi-hotel categories & zones filters
# avoid calendar to count as quote request (conversion distorsioning)
# multiple CSS fixings
# completely remove photos on hotel / local view when is on settings
# refactored mod_hotel_map, mod_hotel_photos

Version 2.5.0

# New view: availability calendar
+ Added filter=”raw” to module pre-texts & post-texts
~ Minor code bugs
~ Language strings

Version 2.4.1

+ Options for currency signs formating
+ Custom avaliablility not found message i display views
# Admin Credit Card types (multilist not found on J1.5)
# Frontend smoking preference (not applied on 1 step forms)
# Display calendars when no Avaliability is found
# Fixed language folders in the installation package
# Install/Upgarde quries in J1.5

Version 2.4.0

+ Implemented  SSL guest credit card data collection and 2 steps booking
+ Better price formatting
+ Implemented promotion codes
+ Improved Administrator Layout
+ Optional smoking / non smoking
+ Optional user comments
+ Optional How did you find us
+ Voucher Code or ID
+ New Default email template
+ Added ACL
+ Added Joomla update url
# Default user country
# Joomla 2.5 Compatibility
# Paypal IPN

Version 2.3.1 (GA)

# renderVoucherHtml on booking view
# boards UserState on Ajax
# default.xml params
+ Added readon class to HTML buttons
+ Added contentheading to HTML headers
+ Implemented Local View

Version 2.2.3 (RC3)

Full compatibility with Joomla! 1.5
Fixed mootools 1.1x / 1.2x / 1.3x configs

Version 2.2.2 (RC2)

Joomla 1.5 compatible installer
Check configuration errors php5 and curl
Fixed notices & warnings en case of bad config
Hide local & locals views for simplicity

Version 2.2.1 first RC presented on #jday2011es