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CloudHotelier 2016 coming soon

We are developing the WHOLE system from scratch, applying all the knowledge and experience accumulated during the last 5 years.

CloudHotelier 2016 coming soon

We plan to launch the first beta version by the end of this month. A production ready release is espectied in Oct/Nov 2015. The new release will include a new version of Cloud Admin Panel (that we will call Cloud Admin Pro), and a new version of the website building suite:

  • New FREE hotel theme that we call FLAT
  • New version of JKit with uikit layouts
  • New version of the CloudHotelier Booking Engine Client

The new CloudHotelier Admin Pro panel will be open source, so it can be used as a normal Joomla extension (although you will continue to have the new product as managed Cloud service also).

Full Open Source Systems

The new system comes with a full push-pull api, so it will be connectable to OTAs, channel managers, PMS, and other systems. We expect to connect to, some channel manager, and Tripconnect, before the end of 2015 (but I cannot guarantee when we will launch any of those connectivities). Channel managers and other connectivity will only be available for the Cloud Version -although theoretically you will be able to install the same plugins on your hosted version, the process of integrating your own platform would be so hard and unnecessary).

The hosted version, Joomla extension, will be limited to 1 domain (in Pro plans). Partners will be able to use it in unlimited domains, and download special plugins like the api extension (so you can connect multiple hotels from different servers, and also implement 3pd integrations). There will be also an auto-generated booking engine, that will be available to insert as an iframe in regular html websites. This auto-generated booking engine is necessary to connect to partners like Tripadvisor tripconnect. Auto-generated BE will be also available only for partners.

We also plan to release a Wordpress version of the client in 2016 (not the admin panel, that will continue to be based on joomla only as it provides a more robust and advanced development environment).

Check the alpha development

Please note that this is software under development and are not full-functional versions yet.

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PASS: manager


FLAT THEME and BE Clent Demo coming soon

As you can see in our demos, many powerful features are coming with the new release, specially multiple rates per room, and powerful discounts, etc.

We are sorry for any delays on expected dates but the work needed for this release is titanic. Please be patient, we hope the final result will be worth the wait.