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CloudHotelier Admin Panel Pro RC1 released

Yeah… It’s finally here!

CloudHotelier Admin Panel Pro RC1 released

The new open-source version, is ready to download! We are sorry for the delay in this release, that has been caused by a deep refactoring of the whole system that we have been performing since February. We decided to do this refactoring based on the suggestions of our early beta testers.

RC1 (Release Candidate 1) version, not for production

RC1 is still a beta version. We do not provide support and the documentation is still not ready. If you want to use and are not prepared to swim with the sharks, please be patient, as stable version release is scheduled for september (no delays this time!).

We appreciate any feedback or bug report, we will heavily test in production environment during this month, so we can release a stable version with all documentation in few weeks.

Extremely Powerful system

What can we say about all the great stuff that’s provided with this version, that we have been working for almost 2 years!?

  • Multiple rates per room (under different cancellation / deposit conditions)
  • Extra powerful discounts, unmatched flexibility
  • Included and required extras, with variable pricing
  • Support for Stripe and other new-generation card tokenization systems
  • Full and documented API for 3pd integrations
  • Modern user-friendly admin interface
  • Extra user-friendly / high conversion booking engine
  • Guest direct booking cancellations
  • Beautiful easy-to-customize themes
  • Website is easier to build, with more useful views

More templates

Expect template releases to occur more often, at 1 template per month. As we have refined our theming system, that allows us to reuse most part of the structure, focusing only in every design specifics. Now templates may look similar, but we are going to provide more flexibility out-of the box.

Download available only for Pro clients

Please note that Admin Panel Pro Joomla extension is a professional hotel revenue management tool and it’s not included with a Entry plans, you will need at least a CloudHotelier Pro Web Developer 1.

New licensing & site number limit

It has been a long road since we began the development of this beast... and we are not still ready to make it full GPL (maybe in the near future).

PHP codes are distributed under the GPLv2 license, but documentation, styles, images and javascript are NOT GPL, and are released under the CloudHotelier Proprietary Use License, so you are not allowed to redistribute the extension.

Also note that (from now) you can only use our templates or Admin Panel Pro in the number of sites that is allowed by your plan (currently as the number of users, we are going to address this confusion in the new site that we plan to launch in few weeks).

Please read more information in the updated terms and conditions.

CloudHotelier in your language

We have added great improvements in date and currency formatting, and we have joined Open Translators organization to help us translate the strings.

If you are interested in translate the new CloudHotelier in your language, join the Open Translators translation team in Transifex! More info coming soon.


If it does not have a demo, it's not CloudHotelier:

Demo panel url:
Admin user: demo-admin / dem0dem0
Hotel user: demo-manager / dem0dem0

You can see the booking engine demo in Flat or Modern Theme.

You can also download the Booking Engine Client to test in any joomla website, blog post comming soon.