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CloudHotelier Panel Lite coming soon!

Next week we will release CloudHotelier Panel Lite, a new extension for small properties or low-budget projects.

CloudHotelier Panel Lite coming soon!

CloudHotelier Panel Lite will install as a normal Joomla extension. You will be able to manage the hotels directly into your Joomla AdministratorPanel Lite doesn’t have the same professional features of Cloud Admin Panel, but definitively is enough functional to be useful for small properties or amateur projects.

Cloud Admin Panel vs Panel Lite

  Cloud Lite
Data structure    
Unlimited hotels & rooms yes yes
Unlimited languages yes yes
Full-featured hotel and room info yes yes
Currency conversion yes no
Separated hotel management by user yes no
Offers, packages and extras yes no
Rates & Calculations    
Availability auto-update on reservation yes yes
Different board types and board periods yes no
Flexible rates depending on room occupation yes no
Flexible minimum stay and release periods yes no
Multiple-room reservations yes no


CloudHotelier and Open Source GPL extensions

With CloudHotelier Panel Lite we are interested to see how a full open-source (no cloud, no subscription renew needed) will perform for our business.

When we began the development of our solutions, some years ago, we were afraid that our competitors could use our own software to compete with us in the same market. But time goes by, now we have a name in the industry and our market niches, our clients come to us, not only for our software, but also for our professionalism and high ROI projects we deliver.

For this reason, if everything works fine with the Lite version, we plan to develop a full-featured panel, that will be licensed under GPL v2 and our clients will be able to download and self-host on their servers.

Exciting times are coming! Stay tuned! 


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