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Cloudhotelier website finally launched!

I'ts been a long road from when we've started developing cloudhotelier. We have been working on toursim industry with Joomla! for some years now. We had the vision to offer our professional tools to the Joomla! community, and that's what we are doing now!

Cloudhotelier is a new kind of Joomla! extension, that is connected to a centralized control panel. Maybe you find this is a rare thing, but this is the only possible approach, in the hospitality industry, to build a serious tool.

<p>Please, be aware that <strong>cloudhotelier</strong> plattform is still beta software, so you can find bugs and errors! We are still fixing and finishing some parts of the whole system. Maybe it's a little bit early to launch, we would like that we had 2 more months before going public, but the time has come and had to do it beffore <a href="/http://whttp//">#jd2011es</a> presentation.</p>
<p>We are also working on Joomla 1.5 compatibily and documentation, so by now, we are only releasing Joomla! 1.7 kick start packages with the extensions and templates preconfigured.&nbsp;</p>
<p>I hope you find <strong>cloudhotelier</strong> a useful tool, and helps you build kick ass hotel websites! More is comming in the next weeks and months. Please, be patient while we finish all support contents, like tutorials and documentations. We are really sorry to be life and we are not full prepared yet.</p>
<p>Well, lets say it:&nbsp;<strong>cloudhotelier</strong> is ready to use. Give us a try, sign up an create your first full featured hotel website!</p>