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Elegante, our first multi-hotel theme pack

Our next theme-pack release, Elegante, will include a multi-hotel configuration scheme by default.

With this release, you'll be able to check out the powerful multi-hotel features of cloudhotelier plattform. Of course, the new design will have some colour variations, so you can addapt it to your client. Another feature will be K2 CCK intagration by default, with a simple blog-news section integrated on the template.

He hope this new theme pack will fit to your needs. With cloudhotelier and this new pack, you can achive new horizons in hotel website development, raising you to the highest level of the tourism industry web development.

<p>A new feature we'll be releasing with this pack, is the possibility to produce 'promotion code' type offers, so hoteliers will be able to reward their previous guests, and attract new customers with personalized offers.</p>
<p>Stay tuned to this new release!</p>