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Flat theme demo is online!

We are happy to announce that we are getting closer to the release of the new versions very soon.

  • Flat theme demo is online!
  • Flat
  • Admin Panel Pro
  • Search

The first theme demo Flat, is online, so you can check-it out!

We plan to release the fist public beta during this week, the whole new system is actually in private beta, we are still working on the documentation and bug fixing. Please note that the release of the first beta will be only for testing, so no documentation and support will be provided till the production-ready version is released.

We hope that we can release the first stable release in one month, please understand this is a huge release, with a lot of different systems involved, so it requires a considerable amount of work to to properly prepare a final pack and documentation.

Flat theme beta will be available for all of our Pro customers, you will be able to request an user account to the new admin panel also

What will the beta release include?

  • Flat Theme-Pack
  • User access to the new panel
  • No docs, no support

What will the stable release include?

  • Flat Theme-Pack
  • User access to the new panel (cloud)
  • Download access to the new panel (so you can install on your website as a Joomla extension) - with project limitations, due to proprietary license
  • Our partners will also get access to panel add-ons, like public API extensions
  • Documentation and support

What are we going to work next?

  • New themes
  • Channel manager integrations (cloud version and partners)
  • Direct channel integrations ( and TripAdvisor)

In conclusion, with the release of Flat Theme, we are on the path to boost our solutions to the next level. The first step has been taken, so we hope you can take advantage of this progress very soon!