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Natura Theme available!

Introducing our new design 'Natura'. This new Theme has been developed intensively with CSS3 techniques: shadows, transparency, rounded corners, gradients and transitions form a spectacular set that flows naturally in your browser.

At home page we have built a spectacular presentation with colorful effects. Superimposed on the big images, we have put the booking engine in horizontal position, so the website visitors will inevitably feel attracted to begin the booking process. Once started the booking, and with CloudHotelier 2.4 installed on the site, they no longuer be able to stop the reservation until they have confirmed their booking!

<p>One of the hallmarks of this new theme is the full support for the extension K2, very useful for journal content, whether news, blog, or anything else of interest to our customers. By posting content on a regular basis, your website will get a higher number of visitors through Google and social networks, and, what is more improtant, your hotel will provide an updated and healthy image to your guests.</p>
<p>Dare to publish a post a few times a month, you will notice the response from your customers!</p>
<p><strong>"Prêt-à-Porter" Hotel Websites</strong></p>
<p>With this new theme, we are increasing our theme collection of &nbsp;premium ready-to-wear hotel sites. Feel free to download and instlar on your server. Our commitment is to continue expanding our collection, adding new and better designs every month.</p>
<p>It has never been so easy to have a premium website for your hotel. With a basic knowledge of web development, you can have your website up to date, and with conversion results exceeding 8%, as it's currently happening now with some of our customers.</p>
<p><a class="button" href="/" target="_blank">WATCH THE DEMO</a> <a href="/" class="button">Free Download</a></p>