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Upcoming releases in 2015

This year 2015 will be full of new developments in CloudHotelier

  • Upcoming releases in 2015
  • Cloud Admin Pro v2
  • Galant Joomla Hotel Template
  • Yootheme's Uikit front-end framework
  • Tripadvisor

We are currently preparing a new version of the Cloud Admin Panel administration system, a new version of the Joomla client CloudHotelier Booking Engine and a new generation of templates based on the UIkit framework.

New Template Galant

First things first. In the coming weeks we will launch a new Hotel Theme for Joomla, Galant, a spectacular design with full screen photos.

New releases: Cloud Admin Pro v.2 and Cloud Engine v.4

We are also developing a full new version of our booking engine.

The new version of Cloud Admin administrator panel is much more simple and powerful, and it's new complete push/pull API will allow integration with booking portals, PMS systems and Channel Managers. The first integration that will be launched will be to Tripconnect from Tripadvisor.

The new Cloud Engine Joomla client, version v4, will allow you to have multiple rates per room (eg non-refundable rates) and a brand new front-end with great new features.

All new software will be open-source under GPL

We have decided that the new version of Cloud Admin hotel administration panel will open-source. This means that, besides our cloud service, it will also be available to download, so our clients will be able to use a copy on their own servers. We are still thinking about the pricing for this new option, but it will have an accessible rate, a lot more cheaper than the thousands of euros of current professional solutions.

UIkit framework as our new front-end standard

We are already working to implement the new framework Yootheme in all our software. This means that, apart from the new versions of Cloud Admin and Cloud Engine, we will release a new version of JKit and a new generation of templates based on this new tool.


We will begin to use the new versions in private beta in the coming months, so we expect to launch a new Theme-Pack, including all the new releases, during the second quarter of 2015.

Stay tuned!