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SEO for hotel websites?

The ubiquity of the large operators such as causes very pronounced specificities in the hotel industry. This can be a problem, but also an opportunity.

Every hotel website has a natural traffic produced by direct searches based on the hotel name. If you take a look at Google Analytics you will see that the number #1 keyword for your website is the name of the hotel. More important, the name of the hotel produces the 99% of the reservations at your website.

This is consecuence of users seeing your hotel in a reservations portal, such as, and then looking for your hotel website trying to get more information.

Attracting natural traffic using classic SEO techniques is not so important in a hotel website, where large operators such as attract the most part of the natural and payed traffic in our sector.

I always advice my clients to not loose so much time in optimizing SEO in secondary pages of the website, as the ubiquity of the large operators such as makes it very difficult to rise traffic to a hotel website.

The most useful technique would be trying to appear higher in the search results in, and then do your best to retain the users that arrive for your website, trying to get the highest number of reservations from that users, that is focusing on the website conversion rate.

How can you rise the conversion rate of your website? Well, that has a lot to do with the pricing and added value of the product you are offering to possible guests. But also, a good contents and good images are very important. 

In resume: focus on making a good website for your users!