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Welcome to our new home!

We are still making some final fixes, we are sorry if you find bugs or missing contents.

Welcome to our new home!

As you may have noticed, we have completely revamped our website! The reason is that with the release of our next generation of products, our old website was not useful anymore.

If you are new here, you have to understand that we have started from scratch. Everything! Our solutions, but also our pricing and business model have been renovated.

In the last months we have completely pivoted our business model, from an hybrid open-source/proprietary cloud service, to full open-source GPL solutions.

New clean look

We wanted a website that provides clean information about our products and services. Our old website was so much bloated and the old information was in collision with our new approach, so we decided to start our website from scratch.

Comprehensive pricing

We wanted our pricing and subscription model to be fully comprehensive and have a simplified pricing. With the ability to download the Admin Panel Pro, some plans where not needed anymore, so we could simplify our pricing and reduce pre-sales questions.

Public support forum

Switching our business model to open-source also means we want to build a community around our products. For this reason, the private email support was not useful anymore.

You may find our support section with not a lot of information right now, we where thinking to import the old tickets, but because they are referred to software that is no longer on sale, we decided to start from scratch.


We wanted our website to be useful to our customers. So we have switched from user-manuals and pdf user guide to comprehensive tutorials and video guides.

Please note that we are still in process to finish all the tutorials and videos. We hope to have them finished during November, and continue adding new tutorials every month.

Old products

Our old products are still there, still active, and powering more than 20.000 bookings per year, but from summer 2016 we are interested in develop our new products only, for that reason we keep then in the background, giving support to the existing customers only.

Under the hood

The new website is built using JKit v4 and our new generation CHThemes system. Of course we have some custom code, but the main part is handled by JKit, including our support system and user registration.

The future

We hope you find the changes made positive. We are working to finish our website, and a small redesign to make it more beautiful and user friendly. You may expect one template a month, and new applications like CluodHotelier Sync.