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Discover what CRO is and why you need it for your hotel website

At CloudHotelier we care about our clients, that’s why we want them to make the most of theirs websites.

Discover what CRO is and why you need it for your hotel website

The CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is a combination of techniques and methodologies that we apply on websites to improve their conversion, enhancing their percentage of views that make reservations.

Usually, the traffic of accommodation websites comes from people that have seen the hotel on and visit the official website to receive more information. If this view doesn’t find the information they were looking for, the site seems too old, or it doesn’t look trustworthy, there won’t be any direct reservations. The solution is to make the client feel safe while surfing the website; all the information must be simple and clear. We must create a sense of security and trust, so the user makes a reservation. This is what we achieve if we use the CRO.

We’ve developed our own CRO index that every hotel website we create must follow all the requirements to be considered good enough to provide conversions.

Some of these basic requirements are

  • Impact: In a few seconds the user will decide if they want to stay on the website or not, the first impression of the home is critical.
  • Distractions: We want the user to make a reservation; therefore we must avoid any distractions with exterior links or stuff not relevant to the hotel.
  • Culture: Connecting with the hotel target is something essential, the user must identify with what the hotel is offering and the activities it’s recommending.
  • An incentive to book: The website must invite the user to formalise the booking, it must be clear that this site is the best option to make the reservation. Having the search form on every inner page helps with the conversions.

Although some of these are the minimum requirements for a decent hotel website, there are still some points that must be achieved to improve the conversions.

If you’re interested in having your hotel website reviewed to check if it follows the CRO requirements, contact us.