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Elegant: the template that will improve your website conversions

Discover Elegant, our new minimalist template. With its simple and elegant style, this template is the most suitable for hotels that want to highlight the photographies of their accommodations.

  • Elegant: the template that will improve your website conversions
  • Elegant
  • Elegant
  • Elegant

Elegant follows the CRO requirements so our users can get as many conversions as possible. Have a look at our template.


  • Menu: set on the small heading, it has room for a logo and all the needed categories.
  • Slider: full-width to make the photographies pop.
  • Booking form: it’s located on the slider to gain the attention of the customers. When scrolling down the page, the booking form stays on the heading on all pages.
  • Introduction with photographies: when clicked on, the selection of photos transforms into a slider.
  • Featured: it follows the minimalist and practical style of the theme. The pictures grow slightly darker, and they have four levels of text.
  • Reviews: with a white background on a semi-transparent photograph in full-width. Three levels of text.
  • Benefits: in grid mode, located on a colour banner.
  • Banner: full-width semi transparent colour block, one image as background. Three text levels.
  • Google Maps: full-width module present on all the pages.
  • Bottom: colour block full-width, with multiple columns.

Key features

  • Completely responsive with off-canvas menu
  • Elegant typography
  • The reservation form stays as a heading when scrolling down
  • Menu and “My booking” at the bottom and heading
  • Colour blocked headings for the inner pages
  • An accent colour for the H4, links, buttons, headings and banners

Great for

  • Highlighting the hotel photographies
  • Presenting the hotel as a luxury accommodation
  • Accommodations with a rustic or minimalist style
  • City, beach or mountain hotels

The Elegant theme is completely adaptable to any hotel because its simple but elegant style helps any accommodation to stand out. Elegant can only be used with Joomla.

Download it here



Nigar   December 4, 2017

PLEASE add AZN (Azerbaijan New Manats) currency to the Panel. Thank you in advance.