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Pixel Marketing: Get new customers for your hotel

Usually the name “pixel marketing” doesn’t ring a bell, but the concept is as old as time, at least, as old as online marketing. It's one of the best options to get new customers through small ads.

Pixel Marketing: Get new customers for your hotel

We work with Pixel Marketing to turn the users who haven't heard about one hotel into their clients.

Here is how we do it.

First step: Send traffic to the hotel website

For the Pixel Marketing to properly work, we need to know the specific target of the hotel. We start by writing an article on the hotel’s blog that it’s related to the accommodation and their public’s interests. For example, The five best castles to visit in the north of Scotland.

We publish it as a paid post on the hotel’s Facebook page, set in a way that will only appear for people interested in this theme. The ad will be shown as an average blog post, and it will get more clicks than a usual ad. The users that click on the ad will be sent to the hotel’s blog page.

Second step: Create an audience with the new users

Next, we build an audience with the views that we’ve obtained through the Facebook post. This audience will be used for a new personalised ad that will only be shown to the people who read the blog. In this ad, we will present the hotel as the best place to stay to see the castles in the north of Scotland.

In this step, we create an offer or a discount code for determined dates and for a limited period of time to get the new users to make a reservation. We turn them into clients.

Third step: Improve the product with added value

Once the customer has made a reservation, we work with email marketing where we offer them different ways to upgrade their experience at the hotel, for example, a bottle of wine in the room, renting a bike, a romantic dinner on the terrace…

With Pixel Marketing we can create multiple audiences of clients with different interests. It’s a straightforward and comfortable way of getting clients. You only need to know how! This kind of marketing allows us to segment the users more accurately and to optimise the number of clicks, which is something that the traditional ads have trouble doing. If you want our help to get more clients or just wish to get more information about Pixel Marketing, please contact us.

If you want to get more clients or just wish for more information about Pixel Marketing, please contact us.