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Success Stories · Gran Hotel de Ferrol

In CloudHotelier we are gathering stories about hotels that have created their own website using our templates and reservation system, without needing our help. We consider this a total success!

Success Stories · Gran Hotel de Ferrol

The website for the Gran Hotel de Ferrol, a hotel from Spain, was created from scratch four years ago when the property took over the management of one hotel from the agency Hesperia.

The website was created with just a few design skills and some technological knowledge. With a moderate cost and a reasonable amount of time, it was possible to build a website with a modern design, a reservation system and a management backend.

Gran Hotel de Ferrol

This is their opinion:

The CloudHotelier Experience

“It’s a tool that allows hotels with lesser human and technical resources than the big agencies, to have access to a reservation system and a website with a modern and beautiful design, with just a moderate inversion.”

Recommend CloudHotelier

“Yes. In fact, I’m already doing it.”

Improvements for CloudHotelier

“Allow connection with principal channel managers and some extra modules for the website design so it can have the typical and obligatory features a website should have, such a disclaimer for cookies, terms and conditions”

Hotel room

The Gran Hotel de Ferrol is set on our template MODERN, visit their website to see the result

The website agency is jimarsoft.

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