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Success Stories · Hotel Avenida Morelia

In CloudHotelier we are gathering success stories about hotels that have created their own website using our templates and reservation system, without needing our help. We consider this a total success!

Success Stories · Hotel Avenida Morelia

"The Hotel Avenida Morelia is located in the beautiful and colonial city of Morelia, the capital of the State of Michoacán. Our location at the centre of Morelia allows our hosts to visit the principal touristic attractions and to wander around all the interesting places of the city without any difficulty.

The last hotel website didn’t have a reservation system, the only thing that it had was a contact form so the users could request their reservation, but they weren’t able to verify the disponibility. At the moment, the new website has been online for the past four months."


This is their opinion:

The CloudHotelier Experience

It’s very easy and intuitive to manage. Although our hotel has 3-stars, our website is more developed that some 4 and 5-star hotels from the same region.

Improvements for CloudHotelier

Not so long ago, my users could choose if they wanted to pay at the hotel, pay online or use another way of payment and an email was sent as confirmation. But now, it’s not allowed anymore, they changed the option and I had to find another way. These options are very important for our users, I wish they could activate them again.

Recommend CloudHotelier

Yes, in fact, I would like to implement it with more clients.

The Hotel Avenida Morelia is set on our template OCEAN, visit their website to see the result

The website agency is lidhber.

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