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Enhance the conversions of your hotel with our accelerators

Enhance the conversions of your hotel with our accelerators

The new version 1.11 of CloudHotelier HRS Engine comes with new features, the most important are the Accelerators. Never heard of them? These are the messages that appear on some reservation portals such as that urge the user to make a reservation at that same moment.

In CloudHotelier we are experts in CRO (conversion rate optimisation) and we are interested in providing our clients with all the tools they need to defend themselves from the big booking agencies, and one way to do so, is with the accelerators that come included in our new version. Some or our hotels have already tried it, and the results are very positive.

The accelerators help to persuade and accompany to give the last push to the most indecisive clients and to accelerate the reservations. They push the client to reserve making them believe that they will lose the room if they don’t reserve it right now. Every message that appears on the website is real. It uses the data extracted from the availability searches of the last 20-30 minutes.

Our accelerators inform of these data:

  • The number of people that are checking the website right now
  • The number of people that have recently made a reservation for the same room
  • The number of rooms left for the requested dates

The accelerators appear as pop-ups on the corner of the website, or as messages that accompany the information of the hotel.

How to activate your accelerators

Once you have the new version of the engine installed, visit your Joomla administrator profile and navigate towards Components - CloudHotelier HRS Engine where you will find an option to show the Accelerators. Click on “Yes” if you’re interested in improving your reservations.