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Get more direct bookings with this five pricing strategies

 May 28, 2018  Ada   Our Blog

When assigning the price for a hotel room, apartment or villa, some factors such as the quality, the season and the profits must be kept in mind. But these factors don't take into consideration the experience nor the psychology of the user, which are essential to get direct bookings.

These are the pricing strategies that will help you convince the user to reserve on your website.

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The five advantages of a cloud-native PMS

 May 10, 2018  Ada   Our Blog

Desktop systems, on the cloud or hybrids, why is cloud-native the future?

In the same way that Gmail has provided email management to all of the users around the globe or Google Drive allows an easy and effective collaboration among other members; the cloud-native PMS systems are the new generation of hotel management programs.

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Check-in in seconds with the new CloudHotelier PMS OCR scanner via webcam

 May 8, 2018  Ada   Our Blog

CloudHotelier PMS is the first PMS that allows the OCR scan and reading of documents with a simple webcam. It scans ID cards, passports and other identity documents in less than one second and directly from the browser.

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CloudHotelier PMS, the first manager system cloud-native developed in Spain

 April 18, 2018  Ada   Our Blog

After many years of experience in the hospitality industry creating websites for hotels with a booking engine integrated, we have developed CloudHotelier PMS, a manager software 100% cloud-based “all in one” designed to manage the most important tasks of a hotel.

CloudHotelier PMS doesn’t require any installation nor servers inside the company, because it can be accessed through a web browser from any device with Internet connection, such as a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

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Managing your bookings is easier with CloudHotelier PMS +CRM

 December 7, 2017  Ada   Our Blog

The beta version of CloudHotelier PMS +CRM is already being used, and soon you'll be able to download it from our website. But first, discover everything it can offer you.

With CloudHotelier PMS +CRM hotels can manage their bookings and clients within the same platform. And they can send an automatised and personalised email to their clients the day of their arrival at the hotel.

To make your life easier, CloudHotelier PMS +CRM can programme all the reminders you need, and the system can work on autopilot once it's shown what to do the first time.

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Elegant: the template that will improve your website conversions

 August 10, 2017  Ada   Our Blog

Discover Elegant, our new minimalist template. With its simple and elegant style, this template is the most suitable for hotels that want to highlight the photographies of their accommodations.

Elegant follows the CRO requirements so our users can get as many conversions as possible. Have a look at our template.

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Urban: the new template for modern hotels

 August 10, 2017  Ada   Our Blog

We have a new template for this month, its urban and actual style is made to suit the casual image of your hotel. This design has been specially designed for modern and urban hotels. It’s easy to use and completely adaptable.

Urban follows the CRO requirements so our users can get as many conversions as possible. Have a look at our template here.

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Pixel Marketing: Get new customers for your hotel

 July 26, 2017  Ada   Our Blog

Usually the name “pixel marketing” doesn’t ring a bell, but the concept is as old as time, at least, as old as online marketing. It's one of the best options to get new customers through small ads.

We work with Pixel Marketing to turn the users who haven't heard about one hotel into their clients.

Here is how we do it.

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Discover what CRO is and why you need it for your hotel website

 July 19, 2017  Ada   Our Blog

At CloudHotelier we care about our clients, that’s why we want them to make the most of theirs websites.

The CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is a combination of techniques and methodologies that we apply on websites to improve their conversion, enhancing their percentage of views that make reservations.

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Enhance the conversions of your hotel with our accelerators

 June 27, 2017  Ada   Our Blog

The new version 1.11 of CloudHotelier HRS Engine comes with new features, the most important are the Accelerators. Never heard of them? These are the messages that appear on some reservation portals such as that urge the user to make a reservation at that same moment.

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How to add a micro niche to your hotel website

 June 20, 2017  Ada   Our Blog

In this post, we show you how to position your website inside a micro niche without damaging the hotel’s global image.

Micro niches are specific themes that are interesting for an objective public. Many hotels benefit from a micro niche that provides them with the same type of clients every year. Some examples of micro niches are the clients that go after the perfect wave, bird-watchers or mountain bikers.

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Connecting CloudHotelier with SiteMinder

 June 15, 2017  Ada   Our Blog

Instructions for the integration

The most anticipated day has arrived. Finally, the best reservation engine can be used with the best Channel Manager. In this post, we show you how to do the integration. Let’s get started!

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We have a GO-live date for SiteMinder’s integration!

 April 25, 2017  Ada   Our Blog

The integration of our reservation system with SiteMinder has a Go-live date. Find out when you'll be able to use the new channel manager!

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Success Stories · Hotel Avenida Morelia

 April 6, 2017  Ada   Our Blog

In CloudHotelier we are gathering success stories about hotels that have created their own website using our templates and reservation system, without needing our help. We consider this a total success!

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