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Basic theme customizations

Learn how to add custom css to the theme and other basic customizations.


Now that you control the website workflow and have customized some of it's sections, you may want to apply some changes at the template level, like the links and buttons colors, or using custom css for your custom html.

Step 1. Change the color

Navigate to Extensions -> Templates -> Styles. Click on the template installed on your site, in Template Style select your prefered style from the list. CloudHotelier templates are packaged with 35 style variations:

  • red
  • pink
  • purple
  • deep-purple
  • indigo
  • blue
  • cyan
  • teal
  • green
  • light-green
  • lime
  • yellow
  • amber
  • orange
  • deep-orange
  • brown
  • grey
  • blue-grey
  • ruby
  • grapefruit
  • bittersweet
  • sunflower
  • straw
  • grass
  • basil
  • mint
  • teal2
  • aqua
  • blue-jeans
  • lavender
  • plum
  • pink-rose
  • beaver
  • chocolate

Step 2: Custom CSS

If you want to load your custom css to the site, proceed to add this file to the style you are using. For example, if you are using the red style, you should place your custom.min.css file in this path:


Don't forget to enable the Load custom.css option in the template settings as seen above. 

Step 3: Custom Favicon

If you change the template default favicon, the changes will be lost when updating the template. To use your own favicon, you only need to place these files in the style img folder:


Next steps

In the following tutorial we are going to modify the navigation and start customizing the inner pages.



XXX   November 12, 2016

in styles/mystyle/img there are no files .ico
I saw in asset/immage
waht the right procedure?

Xavier Pallicer November 14, 2016   Just add your files there, the theme will detect them and use it to override the default ones  

krishna   March 22, 2017

custom.css didn't work form me


Hotel Miau Madrid   March 25, 2017

You have to create within your style an img carpet and then upload your ico file there. It worked for me!