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Creating discounts

Learn how to create discounts using your admin panel.


Creating discounts is very important, it’s a perfect way to attract past clients so they book again. It's also a good way to distinguish your hotel from the others.

Create the discount

In your admin panel, navigate to Manage Properties - Discounts. Click on New, add a name and a short description for the new discount.

Go to the settings tab where you can designate the type, the combination and the matching days of you new offer. In the apply section, you can choose which rooms will be available for this discount. Choose between the rates you created in the previous tutorial.

Details about the discount

Navigate to the tab Calculation where you can adjust the economical part of the offers. You will see it’s the same template as the rates tab. It’s important to specify the dates of the stay and the booking.

Next steps

In the next tutorial, we’ll show you how to create an extra for your rooms.